Hints for sigil locations (from left to right on the HUD):
1. To find me, you must look forward from the start.
2. To find me, you must delve into the depths of insanity.
3. To find me, you must first find a very special door.
4. To find me, you must take a leap of faith.

A map for the town is also here. Other areas are undocumented, so you will have to roam and discover those places yourself!

Here’s the hints for every hunt item in the event, sorted by store!

1.Truly precious cargo by the sea.
2.I have seen all the experiements from up here.
3.It’s always riddles with you.

Visual Magick
1.Our time grows shorter by the minute.
2.I hope whatever killed this man doesn’t come back…
3.Slam dunk!

1.Follow the call…
2.Sleeping with the Fishes.
3.R E D R U M

1.A chilling news report…

Cubic Cherry
1.I’ll sit with the other tomes in this endless place.
2.You’ll never TIRE of this prize. ;D
3.Gonna take the leap across that broken tunnel?

Positive Wavelength
1.This worktable hasn’t seen use in many years.
2.The cave is so dark, so deep underground. I sense evil ahead.

1.This world will grind you up and spit you out.
2.I’m much more interesting than all these medical books.
3.I can smell that gross bed from behind these boxes.

narcotic slumber
1.Got that new old car smell.

1.Happy Halloween, trick-or-treaters! Treats on the step.

1.Looks like it all caved in.

1.It’s so hot down here you’re going to need this prize.

1.I bet that pie used to smell good.
2.How many turns does this place have?!?
3.On a ledge overlooking your descent into hell.

Acid Rayne Inc.
1.What a climb, but the church view is great from here.
2.You can’t keep the bodies chilled with the door open.
3.If you can take it from him, you deserve to have it. Don’t get eaten!

1.Jump swiftly or you might get wet, or get your tail bit!

The Jackelope Ranch
1.Oh no! A heist!

Mahou Shoujo
1.It smells like mold and crazy down here.

1.End of the line! The cart stops here.

1.This place smells like cigars and the ocean.

1.Got this prize investment on file!

1.I faintly hear a heartbeat from my prison.
2.You’re gonna need these prayers. You’ve only just begun!
3.Time to harvest this prize!

1.Go fast! You have to beat the mist!

1.Did a patient lose their book on the grounds outside?

1.Finally some good mail!

Elephant Graveyard Inc.
1.Holding up this garbage lid like a pro.
2.This is no place for a book! The chlorine alone is bad for the pages.

.: Fujiwara’s World :.
1.This little fenced place feels almost safe… almost.

1.What do you think I am, a cook book?
2.You can still reach me through the bars, but I’m resting here peacefully.

Furry Fashion
1.I’ve heard of flat tires, but this one is sideways.
2.Gotta fill up, then ROAD TRIP!
3.Red floor, red wall, red ladder. Everything is RED

1.Everything in this room needs a wash, especially my hands.

1.What a mess. No wonder why it takes so long to get packages these days.
2.A dead end, but I can see a hint of red light…

Wolf Tactics
1.Haven’t I.. been here before?
2.I mean, where would you normally find a badge?
3.I could get steamed, zapped or drowned!

1.What else is going to get unearthed down here?
2.At the edge of the world, the waves call to me.

1.A hidden nook is where you’ll find this book, if you don’t take a spill.

1.Hiding behind the horse food!

1.Some of us have a green thumb and some of us don’t.
2.I’m glad these bars are here. I don’t want to get close to THAT.
3.They chased me up here. I’m too far underground for anyone to hear my cries for help.