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This section will be for your quick reference on our rules and guidelines outlined in the application form.
It’s still long. Strap yourself in.

Current event theme: Halloween Horror & Macabre

DATES (Current round)

08/20/19 // Application Deadline
08/25/19 // Acceptance Notices Sent
09/05/19 // Payment & Fees Due

09/15/19 // Vendor & Hunt Set-up
09/21/19 // Avatar Dev-kit Set-up
09/25/19 // Set-up Deadline
09/27/19 // Seraphim Exclusive Tag Due

10/01/19 // Event Start
10/12/19 // Half-time Event Begins
10/31/19 // Event End


While reading this please realize the rules are subject to change.
Exceptions and accommodations may be made via approval by an Admin of the event; if you have questions please contact an event administrator.


Please note, that the .Gacha Guild. Group and Staff/Vendor Discord are adult rated – though we do not promote NSFW it is safely assumed that you are an adult. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate as a designer or blogger for our events.

If it is your intention to make a mature rated item, please keep all vendor images respectable.

The theme of your items should not exclusively be indicative to adult themed content. Vendors may display avatar skins with non-aroused primary or secondary sex characteristics
The selling or sales of genitalia is strictly prohibited.


Admins are not responsible for making sure designers are paying attention to notifications on Discord or in the Group announcements to set-up times. It is sometimes reasonable that admins change dates and other important information at a moments notice; it is the designers duty to pay attention to ensure they have the correct dates and deadlines. The form/website will not always be updated immediately to reflect this information.

1.) Designers must have their stalls ready by the setup deadline – there are no refunds for those who are missing or late.

2.) If a designer is 2 or more days late that space will either be given to another designer or removed. Alternatively, a late fee for L$1000 to retain their spot for an additional day will be accepted if you still wish to participate.

Multiple occurrences may result in probation or ban from future .Gacha Guild. events.


The maximum you are able to charge for a gacha pull is L$100.
You may NOT charge more than L$100 per pull.

The maximum amount of gachas you may have in your machine is 50.

Please take this into consideration when creating your item(s).


We do not allow products / scripts within the product that render the product itself unusable or alter the item in such a way that it becomes undesirable after purchase due to the purchaser being on any ban list controlled by the creator of that product.

*This does not include Caspervend blackists in regards to not being able to use giftcards / vouchers. The Caspervend system is out of our control.


Limit: Two (2) Secret rares per gacha set.

If you are supplying your vendor with “Secret Rares”, you may not have more than two (2) secret rares per gacha set.

Your gacha key and vendor image MUST inform consumers that your vendor contains secret rares. You must also provide the amount of secret rares contained in your machine. Additionally, you must include *SECRET RARE* on your item’s name or voucher.


Vendors are required to have some sort of naming convention for their items so players know what they are getting. This must be present on the advertisement as well as on your object(s).



Gift items are required to be set out at the beginning of the event and L$0.
Gift items must also be set so that only the .Gacha Guild. public event group may purchase/collect those gifts.

Hunt items are items that will be hidden in the “maze” or “activity” portion of the event. Hunt items are required to be set up between the event-set up and the set-up deadline.

Please note for both the hunt and the gift, the items are not required to be completely new but they must either be a new mesh or color variant that has not been provided previously.


1.) Designers that have multiple accounts may not sign up using two accounts. Due to the limited availability of stalls at these events, it is not fair for a designer to have multiple stores at the event.

2.) Designers may not share booths with their alternate accounts or other users.One store per booth with one owner per booth.

3.) In the event we are lacking users to fill a venue, we may consider having additional stores with the same owner. This will be on a case by case basis and you will need to pay a fee for both stores.

4.) If you are a brand which has multiple designers this is fine. The rule is that there may not be multiple brands to one stall.


1.) Designers must pay for their stalls to reserve their space in the event on the correct date(s).

2.) Designers may utilize and decorate their space provided, that they do not exceed their the stall bounds or prim limits.

3.) Items themes are not mandatory however you must decorate your space reasonably within the theme.

4.) Designers are not permitted to take matters of administration into their own hands.
a.) This means do not create signage that is hostile, derogatory or unprofessional.


*Addendum: Section to be removed, prefabricated meshes and items will no longer be permissible as of 11/01/2019.

1.) Prefabricated & Full Permission mesh is permissible, however they cannot be used in conjunction with stock art or templates. The UVs provided are the only pre-fabricated textures you are allowed to utilize when making your item textures.

2.) All textures utilized should be your own – this includes the AO/Bake/Shading Maps.
*You must create your own shaders or Ambient occlusion maps.
There should be no stock art/graphics, logos, google image grabs, etc. utilized in your product(s).

If you are trying to make your AO Maps or Bakes stand out stock TEXTURES are fine.
Examples: Wood Grain | Basket Weave | Glass | Scales | Cloth | Etc.

Stock TEXTURES are okay to utilize, ART is not.
Stock TEXTURES should be utilized on the BAKE or AO Map, not the actual design of the item.

ACCEPTABLE: Finding a wood-grain texture to create your item or a pattern/Photoshop brush utilized to make the cloth on a clothing item.

NOT ACCEPTABLE: Slapping logos or artwork from popular media or any other form of media onto your mesh and calling it a day.

3.) Free to use scripts are allowed, as long as you have permission to use the intended script or it is given or sold under free creative use permissions.

4.) If we have reason to believe that your work is illegitimate you will be required to provide information about how your content was obtained and/or created. If it is discovered the work is illegitimate the offending items will be removed from the event. If this happens on multiple occasions you may be barred from future participation.


We again would like to emphasize that no gacha machine is to be priced greater than L$100. Keep this in mind when you create your gachas, especially avatars, as they too cannot exceed $L100 in price per pull. No exceptions.

If you are interested in making an avatar and you would like other creators in the event to support your work, it is suggested that you be completely finished with your avatar by the time event-set up starts.

The suggested completion time should give other creators ample time to make content for your product before the event starts.

Suggested date for dev-kit release to .GG. creators: 09/21/19

Keep in mind, after the event is opened and the “late day” has passed, people will no longer be able to add new items to the event. If you would like for your avatar to have mod support at the event, it would be in your best interest to provide a dev kit that includes:

Dummy 3D Model Kit for Rigging
UV & AO Maps

If you have no preference over having mod support for your avatar during the event, you can ignore this avatar specific deadline and are not required to provide a dev kit.

** Keep in mind rules are always subject to change and as this is a new topic of discussion it will likely change as we learn more and adapt to make the event better for everyone.


Blogger packs are required.
We have been working for some time attempting to get the blogger selection of our event set-up. We will do our best to ensure that bloggers are doing their work to the best of our abilities.

You do not have to include all items in your blogger pack, nor is it recommended to include everything. If you do not want to provide items outright for your blogger pack, a notecard with information to contact you for blogger items can be included instead.

Blogger packs should utilize the following format:

1.) There will be two scripted ways to give out blogger packs, they are as follows.
(These will be scripted items we will provide to you)
[Blogger – Blogger’s Only] & [Staff – Blogger’s and Designers].

We also cannot guarantee coverage if you provide a blogger item.


Please read these specifications carefully, as it involves designer’s items being covered by Seraphim. Failure to comprehend the below information does not fall on Seraphim or the the Admin Team.

09/27/19 // Seraphim Exclusive Tag Due

Seraphim’s Team have to be able to estimate the time spent at events, if there are no distinct rules – it would be chaos. Seraphim’s Team is kind enough to cover the .Gacha Guild. event and they do not – to our knowledge receive compensation for their work. It is up to the .Gacha Guild. Designers to make sure their items are properly marked. The .Gacha Guild. will provide the “exclusive” identifier image for your vendors once the designer pack has been sent out via group notices or by some other means.

1.) Only mark one machine with the “Exclusive” identifier image you want Seraphim to cover. Only one. Your most favorite one. Even if you have multiple new items or machines, only one will be covered.

Note: If a designer has more than one machine marked exclusive, the Seraphim Team will choose one at their discretion.

2.) If a designer has more than one machine and none are marked as exclusive to the event, the designer will not be covered by the Seraphim Team.

Failure to comply and mark one item exclusive, you will not be covered – nor will the blog post be updated after it has been published.


Failure to comply or adhere to any portion of the currently listed TOS may result in penalties.
If found that you are infraction on any of the TOS provided by .Gacha Guild. or Linden Labs – we reserve the right to take action without prior warning. You may appeal your ban after the current round has completed.

Penalties may range from the following:

Temporary or Permanent Ban from participation.
Removal from the Second Life Group(s).
Removal of items & objects currently residing on .Gacha Guild. occupied areas.


NOTE: By filling out this application you are committing to attending this event.

Vendor spaces are first come first serve, and it is up to designers to claim their stalls before they are gone.
.Gacha Guild. Hosts & Admins will only reserve spaces for sponsors and on occasion – premium designers.

To claim a vendor stall, after you’ve been accepted into the Staff Group we will announce when spaces may be claimed via group notices. Once at the venue, pick a space and pay the “Available” board the required amount and follow the prompts thereafter.

In the case there is a no-show, your spot will be forfeit and there will be no refunds.
Forfeit spots will be given freely to ready-to-go vendors as the spot has been paid for.

The following actions will be taken for failing to attend the event without prior notice given to an Admin:

Registered Designers // No Show or Late:
1st Occurrence: Non-Refundable Deposit.
2nd Occurrence: Non-Refundable Deposit // Probation from participating at the next round.
3rd Occurrence: Non-Refundable Deposit // Removed from staff, may or may not re-apply.


DATES (Current round)

08/20/19 // Application Deadline
08/25/19 // Acceptance Notices Sent

10/01/19 // Event Start
10/12/19 // Half-time Event Begins
11/1/19 // Event Ends


Applications are due by the date listed at the start of this application.
By filling out this application, you understand that you may not be selected to be a blogger.

Those accepted will be notified one month prior to the next event starting.
Bloggers who have been accepted will be notified through the following venues:
Instant Message, Note-card and Group invitation.

Bloggers must use Flickr for their blog posts – posts will be reviewed only if they are posted through Flickr & to the Gacha Guild Flickr Group. You may utilize websites to provide credits or additional details.

Bloggers must create their posts from when they receive their blogger pack(s) through the end of the event.

Bloggers must create a minimum of four (4) posts using items from at least three (3) different merchants per post. You may re-use items, but you must also still use at least three (3) new items from the blogger pack(s) that you have not featured before.

One of the three posts must be made prior to or during the first week of the event.

Bloggers will also list credits to our vendors who provided items for them to use in their posts. This information may be included in the photo description box on Flickr, or with an outside link to a more personal blog.

Please note, that the .Gacha Guild. Group and Discord are adult rated – though we do not promote NSFW it is safely assumed that you are an adult. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate as a designer or blogger for our events.


Blogger posts should include the following information:

Event Name || SLurl || Year
Brand Name || Product Name / Gacha-Set Name


This application is due by 8/20/2019 at 12:00 AM SLT.
Each blogger must submit at least two posts by 10/12/2019 at 12:00 AM SLT.
The the third post must completed and submitted by 10/20/2019 at 12:00 AM SLT.
The final post should be completed and submitted by 10/25/2019 at 12:00 AM SLT.

Blogs made earlier than these due dates are certainly welcomed, and feel free to continue creating past your required submissions if you are so inspired!

The event ends November 1st, 2019 at 12:00 AM SLT.


You made it! The end!